Coaching Certification

The Canadian 5-Pin Bowlers' Association offers the following NCCP workshops.

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Community Coach: Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or volunteer coach, you will have the skills required to teach the basics of 5-pin bowling to new bowlers of all ages after completing this workshop. With 8 hours in-class and on-lane, you will learn general coaching skills such as ethical decision making, how to run a practice, how to analyze performance, as well as basic bowling technical skills.

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Competition Coach: This 2.5-day workshop will help you move from being a Community Sport coach to a Competition coach who works with elite athletes of any age range. A mix of classroom and bowling centre training sessions enables hands-on learning of integrating Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD) into practices, coaching theory, and bowling specific skills.

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Maintenance of Certification

The Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers Association recognize the value of having certified NCCP coaches that are engaged in Professional Development programs which reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing amongst the coaching community.

Your Professional Development activities and points are tracked on your transcript in The Locker. As part of your ongoing commitment to coaching, all certified coaches will be required to maintain their certification by accumulating PD points over a set time frame. Click on the "Professional Development" button below for details about professional development.


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