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The C5PBA is grateful for the funding it receives from Sport Canada through the Bowling Federation of Canada.


bfclogo Mission Statement

To promote and foster the sport of bowling in Canada by encouraging and actively promoting the recognized national organizations in Canada; sportsmanship, good fellowship and the continued interest in the future development of bowling in Canada.


The Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers' Association and Canadian Tenpin Federation are members of the Bowling Federation of Canada.



The Master Bowlers' Association of Canada is regarded as the teaching and instructional arm of 5 Pin Bowling in Canada. As an affiliated member organization of the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers' Association, it assists the C5PBA in planning, implementing and conducting the nation-wide program of Instruction and Coaching Clinics.


mbacComprised of Canada's most dedicated and competitive bowlers, the Master Bowlers' Association also provides a comprehensive 5 Pin Bowling Tournament circuit which offers top-notch competition and attractive cash awards to its members.



Bowl Canada

The Bowling Proprietors' Association of Canada is an independent trade organization for the owners of bowling centres in Canada.

proprietorsIn addition to monitoring the business trends and laws affecting bowling establishments, the BPAC also provides its member centres with a number of ready-made bowling programs, such as the National Youth Bowling Council and the National Golden Age Bowlers' Club, which the individual proprietor can offer to his/her clientele.